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Sustainable Power Batteries for Life

Geyser Batteries offer the transportation industry a sustainable solution to help OEMs to meet the toughest CO2 emissions standards.


The unique combination of ultra high specific power (kWs per kg), durability (over one million cycles) and good energy density of over 10 Wh/kg achieved even at overly high discharge rate, makes Geyser Batteries an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. These include low-voltage mild-hybrids, high-voltage full-hybrid powertrains, cold-cranking power sources for large ICEs of diesel trucks and traction batteries for opportunity charged, fully electric buses, amongst others.

Our power battery products can run through several million deep charge-discharge cycles and are highly versatile. They can operate even in the most demanding environmental conditions; for example, Geyser Batteries continue to perform in temperatures as low as -40°C. By using Geyser Batteries you can make sure that  your vehicle will start easier, even in extremely cold weather, and continue to perform even during peak loads.

Fire hazard is minimized using aqueous electrolyte - Geyser Batteries can guarantee unprecedented safety for your electrical systems.


Heavy Machinery

Check out our industrial power battery solutions.

Power Grid

Check out our grid battery solutions.

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