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Practical Questions

How quickly do Geyser Batteries charge?

Geyser Batteries charge to full state in seconds. They are the fastest-charging batteries on the market.

Do Geyser Batteries heat up a lot? Are they hazardous in this respect?

First of all we use water as a base for electrolytes, so Geyser Batteries simply can not burn.

Now, to the heating in general.. We use so-called bipolar design to produce our battery modules. In simple words we do not have individual cells within one battery connected by bars or even wires - current flows across the whole battery thereby reducing its heat profile and allowing for heat to dissipate evenly without extra cooling.

Technical Questions

Thanks to bipolar technology our typical ESR is very low - at level of few mOhm (at modules level!)

What is a typical ESR of Geyser Batteries?

What is specific energy demonstrated by your products?

Specific energy of Geyser Batteries may vary from few to dozens Wh/kg in modules, depending on target application.

Commercial Questions

How can we use Geyser Batteries in our products?

Currently we produce our batteries in very small batches, assembling them manually for our lucky first customers.

We are happy to develop custom battery modules fit for your application to start their bulk production together with others in Q4 2022.

How long is development cycle for a custom battery module?

5 weeks

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