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Practical Questions

How quickly do Geyser Batteries charge?

Geyser Batteries charge to full state in minutes, in some cases in seconds. They are the fastest-charging batteries on the market.


Do Geyser Batteries heat up a lot? Are they hazardous in this respect?

No. Geyser batteries do not heat up a lot and are not hazardous.


First of all we use water as a base for electrolytes, so Geyser Batteries are inherently fire safe and do not show thermal runaway as other technologies do.


Secondly, heating up during normal operation is quite limited compared to other battery technologies due to a large effective cross section (current flow) in the cells. 

Thermal management in general is rather simple in Geyser Batteries. 

The reason for both advantages is the bipolar cell design.


Can Geyser Batteries be completely discharged?

Yes. Geyser Batteries can be safely discharged down to zero volts and it does not affect the lifetime of the device.


How often can you charge Geyser batteries?

Geyser batteries can be charged and discharged hundreds of times per day and up to 1 million times over lifetime.


What is the size and the form factor of a Geyser battery?

The bipolar cell design generally allows for high flexibility of the shape and form of the battery. Our cells are essentially a stack of very thin sheets of electrode and separator materials and the cells can also be stacked on top of each other, getting connected in series and forming a cellblock with desired voltage level. This means we can reach rather high voltages in very confined spaces.

To give you an example: a 48V cellblock can be built a little over 1cm thick.

Technical Questions

What is a typical ESR of Geyser Batteries?

Thanks to bipolar technology our cells and cellblocks have a large effective cross section and therefore show a very low ESR - in the range of few mOhm at module level.


What is specific energy demonstrated by your products?

Specific energy of Geyser Batteries may vary from single digit to dozens of Wh/kg on module level. Our Electrochemical system allows for fine tuning of power vs. energy - depending on the requirements of the target application.

Commercial Questions

When can we use Geyser Batteries in our products?

Last year we successfully automated the cell assembly process and are working on implementing the technology in a pilot line assembly line. 

Currently we produce our batteries in small batches for proof of concept (POC) projects and lab testing. But in 2023 we will ramp up the production capacity to supply large pilot installations, customer design-ins and small series.

So if you already have an application in mind, we probably better start talking about your requirements now.

In the future we will also offer licenses to produce our batteries locally around the globe.


What is the price for Geyser Batteries?

With the installation of our pilot production line we will be price competitive with our major competitors (Supercapacitors) from day one - even at small volumes. 

We expect to expand our cost advantage up to 50% in 5 years.

The reasons for the cost advantage is the use of common materials and a robust and efficient production process (no drying process, no clean rooms, low energy consumption) with low CAPEX.

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