The global economy is in the middle of an energy transition and our aim is to support it by offering sustainable and cost-efficient high-power energy storage

that has minimal CO2 footprint during the entire lifetime of the product.


Geyser Batteries outperform supercapacitors by all parameters and compete strongly against li-ion systems that are optimized for high power, making them the best solution for a variety of transportation applications, including cold cranking, mild-hybrid powertrains,

start-stop systems, opportunity-charged electric buses, etc.


Hybrid industrial

From cranes to stackers, forklifts to generators, Geyser Batteries present an unrivaled combination of power, reliability and safety for electric and hybrid electric machinery. Our products remain powerful and functional in any environment – with the ability to work in a most wide temperature range. Our technology guarantees long life, absolute safety and hassle-free use as Geyser Batteries are easy to manage thermally and require hardly any maintenance, thereby slashing your system’s operational costs.


Grid stability & Renewables

Geyser Batteries offer energy storage capabilities that rival lead-acid batteries while providing millions of charge-recharge cycles at high power levels, providing longer-lasting energy than supercapacitors and ultra-capacitors. This makes our batteries unique for a wide range of power grid applications with operating timescales ranging from seconds to days.


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