Sustainable electrification starts with you

Geyser Batteries is developing fast, and we are always looking to stack up with ambitious industry professionals with relevant expertise to boost the transition to sustainable energy storage.


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We believe in the world of entrepreneurs who are fast-moving, proactive, hands-on people. If you're one of those and want to do something extraordinary, now is the opportunity.

Our diversified team of 25+ colleagues is genuinely built by world-class professionals with the best talent out there.

We are always looking for talented bilingual (RU-ENG) electrochemists, sales engineers and energy storage product managers to join us for research and product development, building up on one of the most innovative energy storage technologies of today. If you are up for the challenge and feel fit for the job, please get in touch with our team at to set an intro call.


Why join Geyser Batteries?

At Geyser Batteries we are developing the next generation high-power and sustainable batteries for industrial applications like automotive, heavy-machinery and power-grid.


Together we will re-shape and change the battery industry for good as Geyser Batteries is set to automate and quickly ramp up production of breakthrough, environmentally friendly high-power batteries capable of re-charging in seconds.

Let's together continue pushing the boundaries of electrification and energy efficiency to deliver on our promise of making the energy storage safe, more efficient and sustainable!


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