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Enabling Renewables and Electrification

The rapid electrification in all areas of human life is increasing the demand for electrical power in all Power Grids - from large grids to micro grids and islands.

Immense cost improvements for renewable energy is driving an exponential growth of the renewable share in the energy mix of most countries.

And this is negatively impacting availability and stability of the Power Grid - ranging from frequency fluctuations to black outs.


So the transition to a low carbon society is creating challenges for the Power Grid on the supply and the demand side at the same time. 

This is putting energy storage at the heart of a stable Renewable Power Grid.

And the requirements for storage duration vary from milliseconds up to months.


Geyser Batteries are capable of being recharged in seconds to minutes and maintain continuous high power at discharge - ideally covering storage durations of milliseconds to minutes.


Geyser Batteries consist to a large extent of recycled or sustainable materials, are manufactured very energy efficient, provide a long product lifetime and can easily be recycled after use - reducing the carbon footprint throughout the life cycle to a minimum.


​Geyser Batteries require no maintenance while being charged and discharged up to a million times over lifetime - reducing the cost for energy stored to a minimum.


Geyser Batteries can be discharged to 0V, do not contain toxic or flammable solvents and can be safely shipped and disassembled  - reducing the health and safety risk throughout the life cycle to a minimum

Geyser Battery technology can be used on both sides of the meter to increase Power Grid robustness while saving cost and opening up new revenue streams for our customers.

Heavy Machinery

Check out our industrial power battery solutions.


Check out our transportation battery solutions.

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