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Geyser Batteries deliver power where other energy storage solutions fail:

sustaining over a million of deep-discharge cycles at ultra-high power in extreme ambient conditions.

Green manufacturing

Safe technology

Sustainable energy storage



Based on widely available chemical materials and using water as a solvent for electrolytes, our power batteries pose no fire/explosion hazard.


Aqueous electrolytes also result to less energy-extensive manufacturing process, which is a major difference to manufacturing supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries based on organic electrolytes. Therefore, our products are uniquely sustainable. Furthermore, with their long life and over a million charge-discharge cycle capability, Geyser Batteries produce less waste over time.


Geyser Batteries are designed to outperform some of the best high-power energy storage solutions available today.

Backed by decades of research, development and technological advancement, our products combine the energy storage capability of batteries with the durability and ultra high power performance of supercapacitors in a single electrochemical system.


Our power batteries push the boundaries of electrochemical energy storage capabilities in terms of the number of charge-discharge cycles, operational temperature range, and they are recharged almost instantly every time. They require no maintenance and are easy to keep cool, thanks to their planar internal structure.


The bipolar design used in Geyser Batteries results in the largest possible cross section for internal current across the whole device. Bipolar design guarantees also uniform current density on electrodes. These unique features contribute to low and uniform heat generation which is easy to control. For a customer this means a long and healthy battery life with no maintenance required along the way.


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