Reliable Power for Your Machines

As technology advances and hybrid machinery becomes the standard, Geyser Batteries can help reduce fuel costs and lower emissions by enabling most efficient heavy-duty electric systems.

Whether working in parallel with IC engines in a hybrid configuration or acting as the energy storage of a fully electric system our batteries offer unique power management capabilities by combining the energy density of a traditional battery with the longevity and high power capability of a supercapacitor.

From cranes to stackers, forklifts to generators, Geyser Batteries present an unrivaled combination of power, reliability and safety for electric and hybrid electric machinery. 

Our products remain cool, powerful and functional in any environment – with the ability to work through temperatures as low as -60°C – guaranteeing fire-safety of your energy storage subsystem, helping to reduce cooling- and safety-related costs throughout their long lifecycle.


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Power Grid

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