The future is electric.
The full life cycle of an electric solution is what counts when measuring the positive impact it creates on the planet.


About us

Geyser Batteries is a technology company incorporated in 2018 to scale up production and expand adoption of disruptive and sustainable high-power heavy-duty energy storage invented by our founding team through their 25+ years of innovation, product development and industrialization work within the energy storage sector.

Today, Geyser Batteries is setting up the production line in Finland. In parallel we have already the capability to deliver sample products to our customers. We are more than happy to discuss your specific applications and how Geyser Batteries could bring additional value to You.

Vision and mission

Geyser Batteries is being built with a vision that by the end of the decade, our technology is the primary choice for the high-power energy storage market. Our continuous innovation leads the transition to a circular economy. 

Our mission is to enable sustainable and inclusive electrification. 


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