We recharge the future

We at Geyser Batteries are coming to work everyday because we want to change the energy storage market by bringing full life-cycle environmental impact and safety in consideration to achieve sustainable and green future for generations to come.


About us

Geyser Batteries is an electrochemical technology company incorporated in 2018 to scale up production and expand adoption of disruptive high-power heavy-duty energy storage that’s been invented by our founding team, following its 25+ lifetime innovation and industrialization work in the energy storage space.

Geyser Batteries is being built with a vision that the future is electric, and that electrification shall be sustainable and accountable: it is the full life cycle of an electric solution that counts to make sure that the sum of all the changes it brings creates a positive impact on the planet.

Today, Geyser Batteries is setting up the production line in the largest Nordic energy cluster, Vaasa, Finland. ​

The team

Geyser Batteries is led by an experienced team of industry professionals with substantial international expertise in supercapacitors, production start ups, production re-starts, raw material exploration, and finance.

The team consist of entrepreneurs, researchers and experts with over 25 years experience in manufacturing and R&D of supercapacitors.


The largest Nordic energy cluster

Located in the most innovative environment in the world. 

Geyser Batteries, Production deployment

Setting up large-scale automated production and expand adoption of disruptive high-power heavy-duty energy storage based on novel and proprietary safe and eco-friendly ultra-durable non-lithium aqueous electrochemistry.

Geyser Batteries, HQ

Geyser Batteries is headquartered in Vaasa, Finland, with sales and marketing office.


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Geyser Batteries Headquarters
Wolffintie 36 F2
65200 Vaasa


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