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Unconditionally fast discharging

VOIMA means "force" in Finnish. Despite the fact that the products of this line have been tested in a number of adverse and harsh conditions, they perform at the top level - unconditionally.

Where impulse power and fast discharge are needed, VOIMA batteries outperform. They are an ideal solution for instance in micro-hybrids and to serve as an emergency power supply in different conditions. VOIMA is your safe and durable choice for applications traditionally served by supercapacitors. Be it in a railway transport, bus, or a loader, VOIMA will power the machine in a blink of an eye.

Product examples

VOIMA Jump Start (12V-XX)

VOIMA Jump-Start is designed to provide the start assistance for heavy-duty equipment. Whether there is a tractor that has been idle for some time in the freezing field,  or a digger in a mine with a drained battery - VOIMA Jump-Start will start the machine’s own battery.


  • High power above 1 kW/kg 

  • 1 + million duty cycles

  • 12.8 V, custom designs possible (voltage, power performance) 

  • Used at -40 to +65°C

  • Fast discharging

  • Starts engines up to 200 kW


  • Safe: non-toxic, non-flammable

  • Can be integrated as start-stop device

  • Portable 

  • No need for precharging

  • Sustainable

  • Long life 15+ years

  • Maintenance-free

Characteristics table here 

Black and White Traffic


Excavator moving logs in forest

Emergency engine starting

Excavator Tractor

Idle machine starting


VOIMA is fitted for industrial machinery and heavy-duty transportation.

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