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Geyser TEHO

High-power battery for a life-long heavy-duty use


High-power battery for heavy users

"Teho" is a Finnish word for power. TEHO product line represents the core of Geyser Batteries technology – providing solutions for industrial machinery and automotive industries, and serving the most demanding needs of customers in other heavy-duty segments.
The products of this line are all capable of extremely fast and frequent charging and discharging. The ECR modules are based on standardized cell blocks and the block amount and their interconnection can be customized.
Geyser TEHO is a safe and sustainable alternative to Li-ion batteries for many industrial applications.

Product examples

Blocks of cells


Geyser Batteries ECRs are made using bipolar design, where cells are stacked together in blocks from which modules are built. This means improved power performance. It also provides additional boost in power and energy density, and eases the cooling requirements.

Geyser TEHO modules are built with 48V blocks. Using standardized blocks gives flexibility in design, and allows for customization to serve even the most complex and demanding customer needs. The blocks are characterized with flat discharge curves and high energy density: 


  • Standardized 12V, 48V blocks of cells. 

  • Custom designs (voltage, power performance) possible

  • 1.000,000+ cycles

  • Up to 20 Wh/kg (stored energy)

  • Up to XX kW/kg (ESR? Matched impedance, and so on)

  • Up to XXX W/kg continuous cycling

  • Low ESR

  • Flat discharge curve (no extra DC-DC conversion required)

  • Up to 15 Wh/kg delivered @25% DOD

  • Used at -40 to +60 °C


  • Safe: non-toxic, non-flammable

  • Structural integration

  • Sustainable

  • 15+ years lifespan

Graph with curves here 

Battery modules

51V - 125Wh

Geyser TEHO 48V class module developed for use in diesel mild-hybrid powertrain in agricultural machinery is a perfect fit for many other applications too. It can be used for example in excavators or loaders, or any other industrial machinery.  
Geyser Batteries can also, based on this solution, develop a battery module fitted for customer-specific needs. 

Characteristics table here 

Black and White Traffic

Mild-hybrid powertrains

Commercial Ferry

Heavy-duty opportunity charging



Car Rims

Ancillary power


Geyser TEHO is well-suited for applications requiring a long lifespan, high power and durability, also including UPS.

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