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Geyser Batteries appoints two new members of the Board of Directors  

December 21, 2020 09:00 EET


Helsinki, Finland – Geyser Batteries, a Finnish cleantech startup offering its customers high-performance batteries built on its proprietary water-based electrochemical technology, has appointed two new members to its Board of Directors. 


Geyser Batteries Oy has appointed two new non-executive members, Michael Liedtke and Pontus Stråhlman, to its Board of Directors.


Michael Liedtke, Principal at Liedtke Consulting LLC, is a dynamic and innovative global Business Development Leader with a deep experience in high-power energy storage market; especially the super-/ultracapacitors, the technology that Geyser’s disruptive hybrid electrochemistry is making obsolete.

Michael possesses an extensive track record in senior level business development and account acquisition with diverse national and international clients in North America, EU, and Asia. He has experience, expertise, and a broad network in Automotive, Aviation/Aerospace, Energy Storage, Industrial and Renewable Industries, and a strong passion for conceiving and launching game-changing products and strategies.

Pontus Stråhlman, Partner at Voima Ventures, started angel investing in 2014, and has been an active member in the investment community ever since. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur at heart and spirit, looking for new ideas and new ventures to finance and help scale.


Andrey Shigaev, CEO of Geyser Batteries Oy, continues as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Alexei Beliakov, CTO of Geyser Batteries Oy, continues as a Board member as well.


“It is a great pleasure to welcome Michael Liedtke and Pontus Stråhlman to join our team, to further guide Geyser’s growth journey in the coming years. Their industrial and business experience will be highly beneficial when devising and executing our future operations and strategy,” comments Andrey Shigaev.



Further information:
Anu Rousku, Business Development and General Administration Manager
Maria 01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki, Finland 


About Geyser Batteries


Geyser Batteries Oy develops and manufactures a new class of high-power, water-based, non-lithium batteries, which are capable of over one million of fast charging cycles even at ultra-low ambient temperatures. Thanks to the use of aqueous electrolytes and novel electrochemistry, Geyser Batteries’ products have nearly-zero carbon footprint, cannot burn and are competitively priced.  

Geyser Batteries Oy is setting up a production unit in Finland to scale up manufacturing of battery modules. The company was incorporated in 2018 and employs a diverse team of entrepreneurs, engineers and sales professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the research, development, and manufacturing of specialty aqueous batteries and energy storage solutions.

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Michael Liedtke and Pontus Stråhlman are the new non-executive members of Geyser Batteries' Board of Directors.

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