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Geyser Batteries nominated for a governing body of the Batteries European Partnership Association  

December 16, 2020 09:00 EET


Helsinki, Finland – Geyser Batteries, a Finnish cleantech startup offering its customers high-performance batteries built on its proprietary water-based electrochemical technology, has been nominated for a governing body of the Batteries European Partnership Association.


Geyser Batteries actively participates in the EU battery network, Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) being one example. In December 2020 Geyser Batteries team member, Daria Hedberg, Business Development, was elected as one of the Battery Manufacturing Industry representatives to the Delegation of the Association. The role of the Association Delegation is to represent the Industry and Research Members of the Association within the Governing Board of the Batteries European Partnership, a body gathering the Association with the European Commission services. The election will give further possibilities for Geyser Batteries to effect on European energy storage market and to help the progress of bringing up new technologies and innovations.  


“We are deeply honored to have been elected to be one of the four battery manufacturing Industry representatives in the governing body of Batteries European Partnership Association. We are also pleased to see other organizations from Finland being elected to represent battery raw materials and recycling industries. Being a part of the Association Delegation will ensure that our voice is heard at the European level and will help to promote the Finnish Battery cluster, including of course Geyser Batteries. I would like to thank EASE and RECHARGE for supporting our candidacy and everyone who voted for us”, says Daria Hedberg.




Further information:
Anu Rousku, Business Development and General Administration Manager
Maria 01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki, Finland 


About Geyser Batteries


Geyser Batteries Oy develops and manufactures a new class of high-power, water-based, non-lithium batteries, which are capable of over one million of fast charging cycles even at ultra-low ambient temperatures. Thanks to the use of aqueous electrolytes and novel electrochemistry, Geyser Batteries’ products have nearly-zero carbon footprint, cannot burn and are competitively priced.  

Geyser Batteries Oy is setting up a production unit in Finland to scale up manufacturing of battery modules. The company was incorporated in 2018 and employs a diverse team of entrepreneurs, engineers and sales professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the research, development, and manufacturing of specialty aqueous batteries and energy storage solutions.



About BEPA


The Batteries European Partnership Association is the private side association of the Batteries European Partnership. The Association is supported by four core associations (EMIRI, RECHARGE, EUCAR and EASE) and will gather - on the public side - the European Commission and - on the private side - all the interested stakeholders of the European battery community. BEPA creates and reinforces networks within parties of battery industry within EU, supports the development of EU regulations on battery standards, safety, and sustainability, and actively promotes and monitors innovation uptake in the market.

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