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Geyser Batteries granted by the Suur-Savo Energy Foundation to support establishing R&D and manufacturing facility in Mikkeli, Finland  

September 24, 2021 14:00 EET


Helsinki, Finland – Geyser Batteries has received 150,000€ grant from the Suur-Savo Energy Foundation. The funding will be used for the initial establishment costs of company’s operations in Mikkeli. 



Geyser Batteries applied for 150,000€ grant for the initial establishment costs for its new R&D and manufacturing unit to be located in Mikkeli, Finland. The grant enables the unit to become operational in 2022 and will be used for the renovation and preparation of rental premises to adapt the company needs. The grant covers approximately 50% of the funding needed for the initial establishment. 

The key activity of the Suur-Savo Energy Foundation is the distribution of grants to businesses and other entities. The Foundation distributes annually an average of EUR 1 million in grants for companies and entities in the area of Suur-Savo, Finland. 

“Our warmest thanks for the trust and support we are receiving from both the Suur-Savo Energy Foundation and the City of Mikkeli. This funding is one step forward towards our dream of safe, sustainable and durable electrification for the generations to come”, says Andrey Shigaev, CEO of Geyser Batteries. 




Further information:

Anu Rousku, Business Development and General Administration Manager
Maria 01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 44 0621 089


About Geyser Batteries


Geyser Batteries Oy develops and manufactures a new class of high-power, water-based, non-lithium batteries, which are capable of over one million of fast charging cycles even at ultra-low ambient temperatures. Thanks to the use of aqueous electrolytes and novel electrochemistry, Geyser Batteries’ products have low carbon footprint, are fully fire-safe, and competitively priced.  

The company was incorporated in 2018 and employs a diverse team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and sales professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the research, development, and manufacturing of specialty aqueous energy storage solutions.



About The Suur-Savo Energy Foundation


The Suur-Savo Energy Foundation was founded in 1990. The Foundation supports efforts that promote the development of regional energy supply, the use of domestic energy, energy saving and the modernization of electricity distribution in the area of Suur-Savo in the South-Eastern Finland.

Energiasäätiö operates mainly by awarding grants for investments and projects as well as research grants.

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