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Battery design engineer

Battery design engineer



We are recruiting new superheroes in our R&D team! If you know how to design cells, blocks and modules and have a passion for new technologies, then we are waiting just for you!

About us


Geyser Batteries, a Finnish cleantech company, has developed a new generation of sustainable batteries. We develop and manufacture novel high-power extremely durable batteries capable of withstanding millions of ultrafast charge-discharge cycles. With our unique batteries that are environmentally safe in production, use and disposal, we aim to build a more sustainable future.   

What is this job about?

By joining Geyser as a Battery Design Engineer, you will be part of developing a new generation of batteries for heavy-duty applications using hybrid electrochemistry based on aqueous electrolytes and bipolar design. While we expect you to have the relevant experience in design of batteries and other power sources, and knowledge of their current designs (including bipolar ones), we also appreciate your passion for sustainability. We are looking for someone with the background in mechanical/electrical engineering, preferably from supercapacitor or battery industry, and with a desire to develop a technology never seen before. Excellent English written and oral communication skills are expected.

In this position your daily task list at Geyser Batteries could consist of:

  • Developing the design of cells / blocks / modules for Geyser Batteries products

  • Developing the design documentation based on generally established standards

  • Working with advanced materials and improving the design of Geyser Batteries products

  • Participating in technological adjustment of design

If you see that this could be your day and you love solving technical challenges, be sure to apply. While we appreciate your university degree in a field of engineering, we are even more interested in you and your ideas and skills. 

What do we offer?


We pay at market rates. Our growth expectations are remarkable and based on your personal growth and success in the position, you may expect your role to evolve accordingly based on your interests and skillset. Long-term financial and organizational compensation can be expected in this start-up environment.

As a company, we are always curious, eager to learn from each other, and foster new ideas to grow as a team towards the new heights. Our team is diverse, energetic, and supportive, and we come to work every day because we see how big an impact we are going to make on the global transition to sustainable, efficient, and safe electric machinery and power grid.

What next?

Does this sound like the perfect position for you?
Send your brief CV to asap and share with us why you think this role is good for you. If you have questions regarding the job and want to have a chat first, do not hesitate to contact us using the same email above.

Helsinki, Maria 01

Geyser Batteries - Business Development HQ


Maria 01
Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki

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