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Carbon-Neutral and Powerful Batteries for Life

The transportation sector is undergoing a significant transformation towards electrification. However, the requirements are high; the solutions enabling this shift need to safe, sustainable, powerful and durable. Geyser Batteries offer the transportation industry a carbon-neutral solution to help OEMs to meet the toughest CO2 emissions standards.


Our battery products can run through several million deep charge-discharge cycles and can operate even in the most demanding environmental conditions, up to temperatures as low as -60°C. With Geyser Batteries you can be sure that your vehicle starts easier, even in extremely cold weather, and continues to perform, even during peak loads. Fire hazard is minimized through the use of aqueous electrolyte - an unprecedented safety for your electrical systems is guaranteed.

The unique combination of ultra high specific power (kWs per kg), durability (over one million cycles) and good energy density of over 10 Wh/kg, which is achieved even at overly high discharge rate, makes Geyser Batteries a solution of choice for a wide range of applications. 

Sports Car

Ancillary power

Any ancillary function in a vehicle requires energy, which is conventionally supplied by burning fuel. Instead, many functions can be powered also by a battery or a supercapacitor.
While both supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries are utilized as ancillary power supply, neither of them provides ultimate safety. Geyser TEHO is a durable and safe solution, which can be used without external DC/DC converter, and integrated in the chassis utilizing any free space. Our 48V ECRs are suitable for many ancillary functions: 


  • Electrically heated catalysts

  • Active suspension

  • Electrically powered steering

Sports Car
Public Bus
Public Bus


Though a start-stop is considered to be the simplest of hybrid systems, it does its job. Battery regenerates the energy when a bus or a truck is braking, and restarts the engine when a vehicle continues moving.
VOIMA has already found its use in micro-hybrids as it is an extremely safe, reliable, and comfortable solution for public transport. Our batteries are easily retrofitted and can be used in free space in the chassis.
Furthermore, the technology has been tested in railway transport, where it has proven to be shock-resistant and extremely durable.

Container Ship

Fast charging

Cities are fighting with air pollution. While our cars become more and more electricity-powered, heavy-duty transport needs to follow. Fully electric buses and trucks are becoming a reality, and fast charging can ensure increased battery lifetime and decrease the battery size.
Furthermore, ferries can equally benefit opportunity charging and drastically decrease the emissions in areas where waterborne transport is the preferred mode of transportation.

Flexible charging infrastructure, easy integration, and hazard-free operation are the benefits of using Geyser Batteries for opportunity-charging.  Whether you travel by a bus or by a ferry to reach your destination, the SISU battery keeps them going - with only short 1-5 -minute charging stops in between, even in the most harsh conditions.

Container Ship
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