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Reliable power for your machines

As technology advances and hybrid machinery becomes the standard, Geyser Batteries can help reduce fuel costs and lower emissions by enabling most efficient heavy-duty electric systems.

Whether working in parallel with IC engines in a hybrid configuration, or acting as the energy storage of a fully electric system, our batteries offer unique power management capabilities by combining the energy density of a traditional battery with the longevity and high power capability of a supercapacitor.

From cranes to stackers, forklifts to generators, Geyser Batteries present an unrivaled combination of power, reliability and safety for electric and hybrid electric machinery. 

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Hybrids for heavy machinery

Mild- and full-hybrid powertrains have been widely adopted in the automotive industry since many years, allowing for drastic greenhouse gas emission reductions. Mild hybrids are vehicles or machines with internal combustion engines combined with an electric motor, allowing the engine to be turned off whenever the vehicle is braking or stopped, and adding thrust whenever needed.  Full hybrids can run on an internal combustion engine, battery or a combination of both. Utilising hybrid powertrains allows the manufacturers to reduce the size of the internal combustion engine while providing the same power.


Today the use of hybrid powertrains is becoming more and more common in heavy machinery as well, as this is a way to reduce the emissions and provide extra power to the machines. The challenge, however, is to find a battery that would be safe and durable when used in harsh conditions and at the same time will be capable of millions of high power charge-discharge cycles. 


Geyser TEHO products are designed to answer the challenges that heavy machinery manufacturers are facing by providing all of the above. The goal of using TEHO 48V battery as a power buffer in hybrid powertrains in industrial machines is not only recuperating the energy, but also providing extremely high power whenever required. One such application example is agricultural machinery (link), where TEHO is being tested. A tractor is designed to produce tractive movement at slow speeds with extra power used for hauling. Geyser Batteries product provides this extra power, at the same time storing high amounts of recuperated energy. The power provided by Teho is much higher than that of most common batteries, while the amount of stored energy is higher than that of supercapacitors. As a result, the manufacturer fits the tractor with a powerful and safe battery that can be integrated into the chassis directly and that will last for many years. 

TEHO ECRs can be integrated in powertrains along with diesel internal combustion engines, and hybridized with high-energy batteries or fuel cells.

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Opportunity charging

The need to reduce the emissions is a concern of many industries and electrification is a solution. In situations, where there is a demand for catenary-free operations and battery swapping is too expensive and cumbersome, opportunity or fast charging is an option. Opportunity charging offers flexibility in planning of charging infrastructure and enables use of lighter and smaller batteries. 


Geyser Batteries solutions for fast (less than 8 minutes) charging and extended operational time (up to X min cycles) can handle heavy load and extreme peak power requirements, which often come with industrial machinery. ECRs are maintenance-free and last for the entire lifecycle of a machine and can be reused. The products of Teho line can be fitted for use in a great variety of heavy-duty applications: from mining to port machinery.

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Cold cranking

Is there anything more disappointing than a dead battery in a tractor stuck in a field? Only if it is -30 C outside.
Geyser Batteries jump-starters VOIMA can cold-crank an engine and revive it from the dead at 1500 A, while not requiring pre-charging. VOIMA products are fitted for starting large ICE engines, and are suitable for low state of health and low state of charge. Unlike Li-ion batteries, VOIMA ECRs will serve for 15+ years and will work in all the nasty conditions.

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Micro-hybrids (start-stop)

Tonnes of fuel can be saved when a diesel engine is shut down while idling. A good example is a mining truck, which consumes on average up to 150 litres of diesel per hour, which can be reduced by up to 10% if the engine is turned off while queueing, loading and unloading. Not only that, a battery like VOIMA ECR, recuperates the energy from breaking, which can be used by a machine. Geyser Batteries offers retrofitting solutions for mining and other heavy-duty equipment in safety-critical applications, and is open for demanding challenges of our customers.

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